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Back Pain and Neck Pain State-of-the-art Care

“I want to thank each and every one for their moral support, exceptional team work, and the outstanding medical care I received.”
L. Silverman, Reno NV

Sierra Regional Spine Institute’s multidisciplinary team approach is unique in Northern Nevada. Though the Sierra Regional Spine Institute is led by celebrated, fellowship-trained surgeons, spinal surgery usually isn’t the surgeons’ first choice here. And very often, it’s not the final choice either.

The Sierra Regional Spine Institute physicians have pioneered the multidisciplinary team approach to spinal treatments, putting together a caring and professional medical group that includes nationally recognized Spinal Surgeons, Spinal Rehabilitation Specialists, Physiatrists (Physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers, Occupational Therapists, and Medical back Massage Therapists.

You’ll also find that the physicians here believe in using chiropractic support where indicated, or minimally invasive surgical treatment. For post-treatment care, you’ll be invited to participate in our HealthStyles™ program, an affordable, ongoing fitness and spinal wellness program. We’ll send you on your way to activity and health with good back care practices.

Leaders in Spinal Care, Back Health and the Latest Spinal Surgery Technology

Often, Sierra Regional Spine is referred to by the local medical community as the “Doctor’s Doctors” because over the years many physicians have come to SRSI for care of themselves or their family members. Sierra Regional Spine Institute’s surgeons are at the forefront of spine surgery technology. We have a unique reputation for being both conservative (performing surgery as the last option, not the first) as well as being leaders in advanced surgical and non-surgical spine technology.

Sierra Regional Spine Institute implemented the first outpatient microsurgery spine program 12 years ago, and you’ll find that our state-of-the-art surgical center provides the absolute best in spinal care, safety and patient comfort.

Should surgery be required, Sierra Regional Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures such as the X-STOP, Kyphoplasty and microsurgery, including discectomy and microdiscectomy, are all performed at Quail Surgery Center, located on campus with Sierra Regional Spine Institute

Our U.S.-trained physicians also perform artificial disc replacements. Our physicians believe the future of spinal health is restoration of anatomy and function through motion – using artificial discs to replace spinal fusion. The Sierra Regional Spine Institute is the only spine clinic in Nevada working with the advanced, third generation disc from Spinal Motion.

U.S. Ski Team Physicians, National Leaders in Spine Surgery and Non-Surgical Spine Therapy

Dr. Kip and Dr. Rappaport have been official U.S. Ski Team physicians since the 1998 winter Olympics in Japan. Both physicians have worked extensively with sports and skiing-related spinal and back injuries.

Sierra Regional Spine Institute surgeons are exceptional in Northern Nevada for their university affiliations. Dr. Rappaport, a Stanford University alumnus, frequently lectures nationally and internationally.

This and other university affiliations put Sierra Regional Spine Institute surgeons at the forefront of medical advances and gives them the opportunity to present their own clinical research, too.

Additionally, Sierra Regional Spine Institute surgeons are appointed clinical professors for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Sports Medicine Fellowship program.

Furthermore, all of the physicians and surgeons participate as clinical professors for the School of Medicine’s Family Practice Resident program where the resident physicians can learn the latest and most effective spinal care techniques.

The doctors at Sierra Regional Spine Institute bring the best of the nation’s surgical advances back to Northern Nevada for you.